Automated snapshots of your performance delivered to your inbox daily, weekly, and monthly for free.

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How it works


Connect in 60 Seconds. No Code Needed.

Connect your store and ad data in less than a minute! No pixel setup or code necessary. Just you and your login credentials 😃


Free Automated Reports. Delivered Daily.

A report card of your business' most important metrics will be automatically delivered to your inbox daily, weekly, and monthly. It's that simple!


Customize Frequency and Invite Team Members.

You can adjust your settings according to your schedule and team needs at any time! It's all configured in your settings.

Getting Access to Your Report Card is Easy as 1, 2, 3

See your most important metrics in one place by connecting three channels. Shopify calculates Revenue, Orders, and AOV.

Integrate Facebook and Google Ads in order to see Spend, Blended CAC, and Blended ROAS.

Revenue, Orders, and AOV


Spend, Blended CAC, and Blended ROAS

Facebook Ads


Google Ads

Coming Soon

Report Cards Coming to SMS and Slack!

Shortly after getting your Report Cards set up through email, we'll be launching the ability for you to receive via the channel that suits you best.

Phone with Report Cards text message

Having done eCommerce since 1996, Report Cards is the culmination of everything a founder or head of marketing needs to see every morning.

Brian SugarBrian Sugarpresident, group nine media

Every morning I start my day with a cup of hot coffee and JUDY's Report Card, to figure out what I need to tackle for that day.

Simon HuckSimon Huckceo, judy

As a Founder and Head of Marketing, Report Cards makes operating a business easier and keeps us analytically aligned as a team.

Alexandra ZatarainAlexandra Zatarainco-founder and head of marketing, eight sleep

Analytics debt is the silent killer for eCommerce brands. Tydo is like having a rockstar analyst that shines a flashlight on your business and up-levels decision making & operational rigor.

Mike DuboeMike Duboepartner, greylock partners

Report Cards is like the daily Morning Brew email for your business.

Nik SharmaNik Sharmaceo, sharma brands

It’s impossible to launch a brand these days without true, concise analytics. That’s why I read my Report Card every morning.

Bar MalikBar Malikceo, barcode


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General Tips + Tricks
Turn off your pop-up blocker. Our integration partner, Fivetran, requires that we redirect you to their website. Some pop-up blockers prevent this, so make sure to turn yours off if you have one. Make sure to click 'Save & Test' after authenticating with each data source. This will run the applicable tests to ensure we have proper access. If successful, we’ll re-direct you back to Tydo!
What is Tydo?
Tydo is an automated performance analysis company that provides reliable data analytics to digitally native direct-to-consumer companies with minimum effort required from the user and no code necessary. Report Cards is a free product that provides automated snapshots of your performance delivered to your inbox daily, weekly, and monthly. Our full dashboard provides even more insight into your business, equipped with niche-specific features, and provides automated calculations built to best practice standards of e-commerce analytics.
What data are you capturing?
We capture your transaction level data from Shopify and use this to calculate Orders and Revenue (and AOV). We capture your spend and conversion data from Facebook and Google and use this to calculate your Blended CAC and Blended ROAS.
What data sources do you connect to?
For our Report Cards product, we currently connect to your Shopify store, Facebook Ads and Google Ads. We’re working on adding more integrations. If you have access to Tydo’s full dashboard, you can also connect to Snapchat, Klaviyo, and ReCharge! Google Analytics, Amazon, and Postscript are coming soon.
What is Fivetran?
Fivetran is an ETL. Put simply, they move data from one source to another. In our case, they move data from Shopify/Facebook/Google to Tydo’s database so we can calculate your metrics.
How is this free?
At Tydo, we believe no one should be constrained by a lack of time or technical expertise from achieving their highest potential. Our hope is that Tydo Report Cards equip brands with easy-to-use data that provides a baseline understanding of their business daily, weekly and monthly. Ultimately, our full dashboard, a paid product, will enable even deeper insight and action-based intel so that your brand can achieve greatness.